Happy 60th Birthday Mama Boatwright!

Turning 60 is a MAJOR moment! I was honored to be a part of a Roaring 60th Birthday Celebration for Mama Boatwright! 3 tiers of Yellow Butter Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting! This cake had a red drip effect, buttercream rosettes and fondant decorations. Definitely challenging but this cake was so fun to make!

I also had a couple orders of Red Velvet Oreo Mini Cupcakes to add to the dessert table. Mini cupcakes are always a good option because they give you a couple bites of something sweet instead of a whole slice of cake or a regular size cupcake. My customers are now beginning to infuse the mini cupcakes with different types of alcohols for the summer.

My friend/Soror sent me a picture from the party with Mama Boatwright cutting her birthday cake! And she looked FIERCE and focused on cutting the perfect piece!

Good times!


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