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Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthdays have always been a big deal to me. I love to celebrate another year of life. And that goes for everyone- I want everyone around me to get into the celebration. And this year was no different for me. I wanted to bring in my Chapter 35 with a "mild girl summer" bang. So I started celebrating with a personal ME day including a massage, mani, pedi, hair, etc. I got pampered for the whole entire day and I totally deserved it! 2019 has been realer than real and we only 8 months in so far. Chile...

I planned a little gathering at our home for that Saturday night. Just a few of my close friends with food, drinks, laughs and more drinks. I made baked ziti which is the one dish most of my friends ask for, sauteed veggies, garlic bread and a TON of my Signature Banana Pudding.

Our Signature Banana Pudding

My friends showed up and showed out! I got a beautiful cake pan from my friend and fellow baker Charles. That's us in the picture below. We have been friends for YEARS! Back to Francis Marion days. Hey Charles!

Charles and I

My bestie also surprised me from South Carolina. We've been best friends for 22 years! Ever since she was bout to fight me over a boy in school who shall forever remain nameless LOL!

Me and my best friend Kristy

I was also gifted with this embroidered apron with Sweet 52 Ave on it! (Yes, I cried. So what?) I am in love with it! Thank you to Lamar, Ashley, Lashonda, Regina and Paul.

Me and my favorite new apron and wisk!

Not to mention, they gifted me with rose gold measuring cups and a rose gold wisk! One of my friends Shacole also made me a Sweet 52 Ave t-shirt with a glitter cupcake on it! I love that they support me in life AND in business. I wore my t-shirt this weekend to make my deliveries.

All in all, great fun with even greater people!

Here's to my Chapter 35!

Happy birthday to me!

What are some ways you celebrate your birthdays? Comment below!

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