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Sweet 52 Ave Does Valentine's Day!

Hey Sweethearts! If you're reading this, Happy New Year and all that jazz! I'm wishing nothing but happiness, success and blessings to each and every single one of you!

So, Valentine's Day is literally my second favorite day in the year besides my birthday. All the lovey dovey sweetness of the day is just everything. Of course, I wish we could celebrate differently, but because Rona still hanging tough in these streets, hubby and I came up with the idea to bring our Sweetheart Boxes back for 2021! Now my OG Sweethearts will recall we initially started these a few years ago and they were very well received!

This IG post is circa 2015! Thank the Lord above for growth saints! Somebody need to be shouting right now!

But I digress.

Now we back for the 2021! Sweetheart Boxes are making a comeback like they never left. This is kind of a play off the Birthday Boxes we did in July. Here's what we're offering in this year's box:

Oh, what's my favorite dessert in this box? Hmmmm...I love the Sugar Cookie Thumbprints. And the Red Velvet Truffles. Oh, and the Brownie Bites. So, yeah, pretty much everything in here is delicious!

And I'm a sucker for anything dipped in chocolate. Just ask my husband.

Anywho, have you secured your Sweetheart Box yet? Don't wait too long! While supplies last or whatever they be saying at the end of those commercials.

xoxo, Kristal

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